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The Southern Courier Association maintains this site and the digital archive of The Southern Courier. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization of Southern Courier alumni dedicated to creating, preserving, and providing free public access to the priceless historical record contained in the pages of The Southern Courier. We cooperate with academic, cultural, and historical institutions to make digital, paper, and film archives of The Southern Courier accessible. Our mission is to preserve and disseminate both the archives and the journalistic ideals of The Southern Courier.
At the Southern Courier's 2006 reunion, it became apparent that this history would be lost without a determined effort to preserve it. A former reader (above) held up a copy that he had kept for 40 years.

Stephen E. Cotton
Andover, Massachusetts

Barbara Howard
Tuskeegee, Alabama

Michael S. Lottman
Kingston Springs, Tennessee

Mary Ellen Gale
Pasadena, California

Ellen Lake
Oakland, California

Jonathan M. Lottman
Washington, D.C.
Executive Director